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Material Culture of the Prairie, Plains, and Plateau


Confirmed Speakers

  • Beaded Flat Bags from the Columbia River Plateau: Scott Thompson
  • “Winyan Nunpapika Ihanbli - Lakota Double Woman Dreamers, Past and Present “ by Cathy Smith
  • ”Navajo Chief Blankets, Saltillos, Serapes, and Rio Grandes on the Northern Plains” by Mark Winter
  • Crow Shields: Bud Lake
  • Bird Quillwork: Bill Plitt
  • Porcupine Roaches: Barry Hardin
  • Missouri River Floral Beadwork, Ft. Laramie Late 1800s: Allen Chronister
  • “Early 19th Century Plains Indian Pony beadwork, a Private Collection,” by Bob Vandenberg
  • The Symbolic Use of Hairs in Plains Material Culture: Mathieu Mourey
  • The Use and Distribution of Elk Hide Lodges: Bradley Bailey
  • The Shirt Wearers: Recreating the regalia of twelve historically important chiefs from paintings and vintage B & W photographs.” by Cathy Smith
  • “Edward Curtis: Visions of the First Americans” by Bob Kapoun
  • Shields and Bladed Weapons: Items of Intimidation for the Bloody Business of Battle: Richard Kuh and Scott Thompson
  • “A Tough Trip Through Paradise: Riding the Santa Fe Trail 200 Years after
    Jed Smith”, by Oliver McCloskey